Masonry Walls

Masonry Walls

Masonry Walls

Classic Paving has built an outstanding reputation as a skilled masonry contractor in Nassau County for installing and repairing all types of masonry. We are qualified at designing and building any style masonry project that you might need.

Nassau County Masonry Contractor

Adding nice masonry features to outdoors can bring character and a sense of style to any patio. Maybe you are looking at putting up a beautiful fireplace with masonry bricks. Out in the garden area, a beautiful decorative wall can not only be functional as a retention wall for your flower bed,  it can be used to sit on as well or add some pillars to it and it can become a centre piece of your garden.

At Classic Paving, we bring our years of experience to the table with each and every masonry project that we undertake. With our skilled masonry contractors in Nassau County having completed a large amount of beautiful masonry projects, we would be delighted to consult with you over your ideas for your masonry in Nassau County. We have years of experience in masonry work and can make your project take life with ease and beauty. We strive to finish each project on time. We always work strictly to budget.


All the work done by the team at Classic Paving is done under a fully written guarantee. We use only the best concrete products available in the masonry market including all types of masonry stone from Cambridge, so that we can deliver on our aim of being the most affordable masonry contractor in Nassau County without lowering the quality of our work that all our clients expect from us in Nassau County.



Interested in having a free consultation over your masonry needs? If you need a masonry contractor that can build and repair all types of masonry in Nassau County, call us now. We are open 7 days a week for free on site visits. We would be delighted to discuss any ideas you have.


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