East Hills Patio Contractor

East Hills Patio Contractor

East Hills Patio Contractor

Let the team at Classic Paving create a new and beautiful patio for you at your home in East Hills. Let us create that beautiful and unique patio or terrace area for you. Using only the finest concrete products on the market from Cambridge Pavers, we can build you a beautiful concrete paved patio area for you to enjoy all year long.

Patio Contractors in East Hills

PIcking the right patio or terrace layout and design can make a huge impact at any home in East Hills. Let Classic Paving help you create a beautiful and spacious patio area at your home. With Classic Paving you are getting an experienced company that are masters in designing and installing patios. We will deliver a beautiful outdoor living space that is both functional and appealing.

We can design you a beautiful custom designed patio. We can include unique features such as an open fire or a raised terraced area. Maybe you would like to add onto an existing patio or simply replace an old one? We can take care of all of this and more. With Classic Paving, you are getting a East Hills patio contractor who is state licensed and will follow town codes to guarantee a long lasting and beautiful patio area.


You can add new steps, walkways, garden, flower beds, rockery gardens, brick benches and more. The choices are endless. We can go through all our previous patio projects with you to give you some ideas on your own patio installation. We come highly recommended and endorsed in the East Hills area. Make sure to check out our 5 star reviews from previous clients.



We can provide you with a free quotation on designing and installing a patio at your home. If you live in East Hills, give us a call now. You won’t be disappointed!

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